Chris Cahill BA, CFP, CLU, Ch.FC, T.E.P.   

Chris Cahill has been providing valuable financial planning advice to clients in London. With his distinctive blend of tax, investment, retirement, and estate planning knowledge, Chris guides clients through the maze of financial options and information available today. He understands the goals and issues of mature Canadians, and works to develop supportive long-term relationships to help them manage their assets and minimize taxes.

In 2000, Chris authored his first book, together with two colleagues, David Fischer and Doug Greenhow. Harvesting Your Wealth is a “greatest hits” compilation of articles from a column they write for the London Free Press on retirement, tax, and estate planning. Chris has also delivered informative seminars on wealth management to well over 3,000 seniors.

Financial Designations

Harvesting Your Wealth

Retirement and Legal Strategies to Secure Your Future
by Chris Cahill CFP, CLU, Ch.FC, Doug Greenhow, and David Fischer ISBN: 0-9686461-0-7

This book offers the nuts and bolts of personal finance strategies, and is an easy-to-read collection of useful and interesting tips written by three experts who write a weekly financial advice column for the London Free Press.

Available for $19.99 at Chapters, Oxford Books, and Wendell Holmes. The book is also available to our clients and their family and friends at no cost by calling the office at 519-438-3308Chris founded FSG in 1994 in order o provide his clients with independent financial advice. He holds a degree from the University of Western Ontario, and has earned the following financial designations:
CFP - Certified Financial Planner 1999 www.cfp-ca.org
The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation is an internationally recognized standard for financial planning.  It is granted by the Financial Planners Standard Council (FPSC).  Advocis is one of the FPSC’s founding member organizations offering courses leading to the CFP designation.  An advisor with a CFP may help you with personal financial planning and offer advice on investment products and strategies. 
CLU - Chartered Life Underwriter 1990 www.advocis.ca
A Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) is a financial advisor with advanced knowledge in life and health insurance and estate planning. An advisor with a CLU specializes in advice on life insurance needs, tax planning, planning your estate and may also offer assistance in financial planning for business owners.
CH.FC - Chartered Financial Consultant 1993 www.advocis.ca
A Chartered Financial Consultant (CH.F.C.) is a financial advisor with advanced knowledge in wealth accumulation and retirement planning. An advisor with a CH.F.C. is an expert in retirement planning and capital accumulation strategies.
TEP - Trust and Estate Practitioner 2004 www.step.ca
Trusts and estates practice is a complex and growing field, and practitioners need a way to formally identify themselves as qualified practitioners and distinguish themselves from non-specialists who occasionally deal with trusts and estates. STEP is the world's foremost international organization for such professionals, and the TEP designation identifies members as the most senior and skilled practitioners in their field.
CPCA - Certified Professional Consultant on Aging 2002 www.canadacsa.com
This North American qualification attests to an advisor’s ability to provide answers on health, social and financial matters for the 50-plus population.


Investment Philosophy

Our goal is to generate superior risk adjusted returns over time.  A risk adjusted return measures the return on investment per unit of risk.  Or in other words answers the question: How much did we earn from the investment based on the risk we assumed?

We monitor whether the expected return continues to justify or balance out the risk relative to other investment opportunities.  We live in a world ripe with investment opportunities offering a marriott of investment avenues to pursue; while each one may promise the potential for reward, a narrowly defined investment approach may be limiting.  So selecting the right combination can be a challenge.  Achieving financial success is a complex and confusing process even to the most experienced investor.  What distinguishes our investment philosophy is its personal emphasis. It is built around investor’s goals, time frame and tolerance for risk.  This is not a get rich quick strategy or a hot tip investment product.  We employ a disciplined investment process that has been utilized by sophisticated and institutional investors for decades in managing large pools of pension assets for our investment accounts.

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