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FSG Wealth Management is a diversified financial firm dedicated to a comprehensive approach to your financial security. Because every client is unique, a personal approach is stressed in planning your financial affairs. In a fact-finding interview, we discuss your personal financial goals in detail. Then, in consultation with you, a custom-tailored strategy is developed to help you achieve those goals.

Chris Cahill founded FSG Wealth Management in 1995, offering independent and unbiased financial advice.

Ideal Client Who We Can Help

The type of client that is best served by FSG Wealth Management is a client who likes to make smart choices with their money.  They place a high value on delegation of their financial investment decisions to their trusted advisor.  They are open-minded and have important plans for their future.  Our clients tend to be sharing people who like to help others, they like us to manage all of their money and they recommend us to others.


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